Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Roasted Duck Fried Rice

I was in a roasted duck phase and I just had to sink my teeth into those earthy duck meat and make my lips shine from its fat.  I don't bother making my own roasted duck because they're everywhere.  We're living in roasted duck & char siu country, remember?  So I ordered half a duck to take home but it seems like I'm the only one in the mood for duck.  Oh, Nanawu was in the mood for duck too!  Duck is larger than chicken so even if I've been stuffing myself and banishing my cravings, there's still a lot of it  left on the plate.   Sure, I can reheat it and have it the next day and I'd still be happy.  Just so you know, my cravings don't usually go away in a day.  They stay until I eat and eat until my mind says it's time to move on to another craving.  I'm not unique in that sense because I know my dad is also like that.  Like father, like daughter.  Uhm, so much info about me, let's get back to the duck.  Naddy will be okay with having it again for supper but I know he won't be happy eating it.  So I thought of reviving and stretching it into something that he'll enjoy more.  (Naddy likes stress-free eating.  The easier to eat, the more the dish will get his approval.  And the faster he'll finish it.)  Presenting, roast duck fried rice!

I didn't have the foresight to cook more rice the day before so I cooked rice just a few hours ahead and allowed it to dry a little and made the fried rice.   What I usually do if I don't have day-old rice is spread the rice on a wide container and refrigerate it before using it, but in this case I had no ref space left.  The rice turned out well-- like sticky rice.  Reminds me so much of my mom's kiam pung-- ultimate childhood comfort food.  Kiam pung, when directly translated, means salty rice.  But this version isn't salty at all.  It's flavorful, salty-sweet and quite earthy because of the duck meat.  

For this, you will need: a little oil, minced garlic,  diced-up roasted duck, hoisin sauce, some veggies (I used choi sum but you can use any), fish sauce, white pepper and scallions for garnishing.  

Sauté garlic until fragrant, add the duck, mix, then add some hoisin sauce.  Add cooked rice and mix well.  Add more hoisin sauce until rice is no longer white.   Put some fish sauce and white pepper, adjust to taste.  Add veggies (I added the chopped stalks of choi sum first, then a minute before I turned the heat off, I added the chopped leaves).  Garnish with scallions, peanuts (optional-- I didn't) and strips of scrambled egg (optional-- I didn't also).

And for Naddy's enjoyment, I fried some meat spring rolls.  Even Nanawu enjoyed the meal.  That made me one happy Tetetmum.  Next time, I won't think twice about bringing home roasted duck.   Reinvent leftovers and your customers won't mind them.  This makes for a good quickie breakfast too!

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